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Cultivar is the soil that grows your passive investment strategy into an ETF through the revolutionary ACES conversion process. 

Everything is Coming Up ACES

Want to launch an ETF but seed capital, start-up costs, and high break-even levels are holding you back? Then perhaps the revolutionary and disruptive ACES ETF incubator is the answer.

ACEShares™ (“ACES”) is a structure that allows for the incubation of ETFs. ACES are index-tracking investment products that lower start-up costs, seed capital requirements, and break-even economics in comparison to launching and operating a traditional ETF.

Simple line drawing of a seedling. This image is part of the Cultivar Securities LLC logo.


The ACES process begins as a dynamic index-tracking fund with end-of-day pricing at net asset value.

Simple line drawing of a budding flower. This image is part of the Cultivar Securities LLC logo.


When the ACES fund hits a predetermined asset level and/or time period, it automatically converts into a traditional
index-tracking ETF.

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You now have an ETF at a fraction of traditional start-up costs.

ACES Advantage


  • Designed to reduce Sponsor risk – Vast majority of the financial risk taken off the table
  • Designed to Reduce or eliminate the need for $2.5MM in seed capital
  • Tax efficient at all levels – seed, trading, and conversion


  • Increases product opportunities with smaller asset managers due to lower break-even levels
  • Eliminates the need to obtain ETF seed capital from market makers, which improves time to market and potential conflicts
  • Reduces risk of ETF closures that negatively impact reputation and force taxable events

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